Loan insurance optimization with nesting loans


Solution for borrowers to cope with rising mortgage rates: the loan trundle .

Loans “nested” or “multi-loans”

The loan Gygogne is a real estate loan whose assembly is a short-term loan and a long-term fixed-rate loan. The first loan, for example, could be for 10 years and represent 1 quarter of the loan while the second loan would complete 3 quarters of the loan for a period of 20 years. The purpose of the lump-sum loan is to lower the average rate compared to a standard 15-year term.

The advantage to theloan for the cost of loan insurance

Nesting loans have significant advantages in terms of loan insurance when it is calculated on the amount of initial capital borrowed, because a large loan significantly reduces the cost of insurance since part of the insurance will stop in the 11th year compared to the example above …

The principle of a trundle loan

Instead of making a loan over 20 years, why not borrow in 2 times with different rates and durations. Thus, a certain amount will benefit from interest rates for a 12-year lower loan than for a 20-year loan. In addition to the credit rate gain, save on the total amount of insurance calculated on the total amount borrowed. You will no longer be responsible for the insurance at the end of the repayment of the loan n ° 1. The piggyback loan , in case of early repayment, will be much more efficient than a conventional loan. Calculate online and simulate your lump-sum loan to save on home loans and loan insurance.

It is necessary to be able to ask to his banking adviser this type of assembly which can according to the organization carry such or such name:

  • mixed loans
  • dual rate
  • gygogne credit
  • nested credit
  • multi loan
  • 2-rate loan