Fast online consumer loan


What is online consumer credit?

In order to subscribe to consumer credit online, you can go directly to the internet. From the subscription to the file of the information documents, all the steps can be carried out 100% online, from where a real simplicity and facility.

The benefits of online consumer credit


These completely dematerialized services are offered by online financial organizations, playing on greater flexibility in obtaining a consumer loan:

  • Subscription directly online with the possibility of sending directly the required documents (identity papers, proof of address, bank statements …) by email;
  • An accelerated subscription in case of immediate credit request to compensate for a fast need of Don Camilloment and this 24/24 and 7/7;
  • Lower interest rates or discounts on incidentals may be offered through flash sales or promotional offers.

Online financial organizations


Some financial institutions have specialized in online consumer credit and offer several types of consumer loans depending on borrowers’ needs and expectations. Most often, they offer all these loans, from personal loans to revolving credit and auto loans.

Today, most banks, insurers and credit institutions are present online but are competing with institutions specializing in consumer credit. However, whether you are already a customer or not, subscribing to credit online consolidation necessarily requires a questionnaire to fill your need.

Although most institutions try to give as much information as possible, note that by taking out an online credit, you will not necessarily have an adviser to answer your questions.

Compare consumption credits online

credit online

Faced with the multitude of consumer credit offers on the internet, it can be difficult to make the right choice. This is the reason why on Frank Camilley, you can compare the consumption credits in order to see more clearly and to find the best solution according to your needs and your profile.

The online form

Thanks to the online form, a simulation is carried out according to several information:

  • Your project (type of credit, amount, duration …);
  • Your personal situation (composition of your home, tenant / owner …);
  • Your financial situation (your income, your possible other loans …);
  • The moment you need credit (as soon as possible, in a month …).

All these elements make it possible to calculate the feasibility of the situation ie the monthly payments, your ability to repay the loan without putting you in a delicate financial situation.

To obtain a consumption credit, the amount of your monthly payments must not exceed one third of your monthly income!

With the online consumer credit comparator, you have access to a results page that includes the various financial loan quotes from financial institutions. These results include the amount of the monthly payments, the APR, the total cost of the loan as well as the duration. You will be able to directly compare the different offers between them without having to look right to left.

Subscribe directly online

Once the different quotes are compared, simply choose the one that suits you best according to your project, your needs and your budget. You will have the opportunity to apply online for credit quite easily either by phone or directly online.

All information collected in the form is then transmitted to the credit agency to ensure the ease and speed of the subscription. The cheap consumer credit will be accepted after sending all documents in a dematerialized manner in just a few hours.